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We love to see our allotment tenants grow their fresh produce and enjoy their pastime.
The Parish Council has 5 sites with a total of 185 plots.

It is the responsibility of all tenants to ensure that they have read and understand the Rules and Requirements of managing an allotment plot; renting an allotment comes with a commitment to keep it to a required standard.  This helps us manage the allotments and ensure everyone gets equal enjoyment out of it by respecting their fellow allotment tenants. View Rules & Requirements  updated 28/08/18

Allotment Rent Charges

Listed below are the annual allotment rents, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.  Please note that the Parish Council has a statutory obligation to provide allotment plots only.  Water, fencing, gates, landscaping, locks (where provided) and overheads to manage the allotment sites are all additional provisions and come at an extra cost to the tax payers of the Parish.

Annual Allotment Rent Year runs from 1 October to 31 September

Plot Size Catetories 17/18 RentCost/wk 18/19 RentCost/Week 19/20 Rent
0-60 sq/m£30£0.58£34.50£0.66TBA
61-120 sq/m£60£1.15£69.00£1.33TBA
121-180 sq/m£90£1.76£103.50£1.99TBA
181-240 sq/m£120£2.31£138.00£2.65TBA
240+ sq/m£150£2.88£172.50£3.32TBA


To enqurie about an allotment please complete and submit this form. 
Alternatively, you can phone Lynn Maddocks, who oversees our allotments, on 01908 087499.
Only residents of the Parish will be eligible to join the waiting list.

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