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Becoming a Parish Councillor

Being a Parish Councillor is a great way to get involved in looking after the needs of our community.
It's entirely voluntary, requires a time commitment and can be demanding....but it can be fun, there's lots to learn and it can feel very rewarding!

Electors who are over 18 years of age and reside or work (and have done so for a minimum of 12 months) within the locality, or within a three-mile radius of it, are qualified to become members of a Local Council. There are a few cases in which people may be disqualified from being elected.

Elections take place every four years. The conduct of elections is governed by a statutory procedure. Elections are advertised in advance, according to a strict timetable. Candidates have to be proposed and seconded by electors of the parish. Full details can be supplied by the Clerk, on request.

At other times, the most common process of becoming a councillor starts when an existing member resigns and a casual vacancy is created. Again there is a statutory process whereby the vacancy is advertised for a fixed period of time and unless ten electors have requested a poll, the vacancy is filled by co-option at a subsequent parish council meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a councillor, a good first step is to come along to some Parish Council meetings to see what goes on, make yourself known and next time there's a vacancy you may be asked to fill it. If lots of people are keen we may even need to have an election!

Click on the links below if you wish to apply or send the clerk a contact form if you would like to have a chat or find out more information.





To find out more about becoming a Parish Councillor please send us a message.